As a native Hawaiian and Graduate of the prestigious Kamehameha Schools, I have been instilled the values and traditions from our ancestors and ohana of the Hawaiian culture and what it truly means to share the “Aloha Spirit”. We at Leiorders.com would like to welcome you to our ohana and would like you, our customer, to know that when you order a lei from us, you are not simply getting a flower garland, but you are getting a piece of our culture with flowers hand picked and sewn into the beautiful product you see.  When you give one of our lei to your loved one, you are giving them a piece of Hawaii and giving from your heart.

Our company’s founding principles are simple; share Aloha, be Aloha, and live Aloha. We strive in giving you excellent customer service and an individual touch for every order. We also offer you the freshest products possible as all of our lei are made daily every morning.

I personally thank you for visiting us and know you will enjoy our fresh lei.

Mahalo Nui Loa,


The leis were beautiful and very well received. I have told people about you but if you want to send me about 50 business cards I will be happy to get them to some local florists and friends. Our florists had no idea where to get Leis in that short of a time.

Our friend Dan died and for the celebration of his life we wanted Leis for his wife and two kids and a another friend suggested we put one on his photo at the celebration. He once lived in Hawaii and loved it and his wife said he wore an Hawaiian shirt every day of his life but his father’s funeral. At the celebration his wife had his red Hawaiian shirt on and one of your leis the other gal is his daughter. The one in the middle is either his mother or hers I can’t remember. She was wearing a lei later but did not have one on in the picture. My husband and I wore the other two for a while then gave them to the mothers. I always wanted to wear one so I got to enjoy one to for a while. It all worked out fine. Thank you so much.
Now you know the rest of the story…. Thank you so much. You helped to make a sad day bearable and gave us more light to celebrate his life!!

Debbie Hooper

Port St. Joe, Fl 32456

I absolutely LOVED the leis you sent!!! I have been away from Hawaii since 2006 and miss it so much. Getting to have your beautiful leis on my wedding day was a dream come true. I was amazed at how well they held up, especially the pikake. It was perfect when it arrived and still perfect the next day for the wedding and smelled wonderful for the first few days of the honeymoon. You all did a wonderful job and I will use you again and recommend you :). You were very friendly and helpful when I talked to you on the phone as well.

Marjie Rolling

Hi Kaleo-

This is rather later but I just wanted to say Thank you very much for providing us with such beautiful leis that arrived in pristine condition. I was skeptical at first wondering in what condition they would arrive in being that they would be traveling from Hawaii to California. But then they arrived I was rather pleased.

The Homestead Class of 2010 All night party made approximately $1200.00 from this fundraiser. Many of the committee members were surprised by this, but it was a good start for our budget. I would like to see this perhaps expanded next year to cover the other local schools and have the Class of 2011 get off to a good start. There is really not too much worked involved…get the information out, collect the money, phone in the order, receive delivery, and hand them out the day of graduation.

I will definitely pass your name on to next years committee chair for it was a pleasure working with you and the guidance that you provided was a great help.

Again Mahalo nui loa.

Iris Chan

Homestead High School Cupertino, Ca.

Aloha Kaleo,
The leis arrived in the morning carefully packed in Anaheim, CA on Friday, March 7th. We placed the box in the refrigerator as we would not use them until the next day.
At my father’s memorial service the following afternoon, the double plumeria lei made the perfect tribute to him draped on the corner of an 8×10 photo. We placed the maile-style ti leaf lei with purple orchids on the registry book table, and it was the most beautiful accent.
Many marveled at their construction, admiring their craftsmanship. Those who asked were told that I had ordered them directly from the Big Island using LeiOrders.com.
My father loved and grew plumeria plants in southern California. Although he never had a chance to visit the islands, we were happy to be able to bring a little piece of Hawai’i to him. They were absolutely perfect.

Anna M. Valencia Hall

Dear, Leiorders.com

I want to commend your company for taking care of my request for a Lei to be shipped to Illinois in 2 days. It arrived on time and in great shape. Awesome customer services!!! What I ordered was exactly what was shipped. I will recommend your company and definitely use you again. Thank you.

Mary Hollis


I ordered 2 double plumeria leis on Friday, June 6 for an overnight delivery on Saturday, June 7, in San Jose, California. They arrived perfectly…exactly as promised. My Aunt had passed away and…so many years ago I can’t remember…she introduced me to plumerias…something we continued to share a love for, even growing some of our own. I wanted my last gift to her to be a plumeria lei. I had placed an order, on line, with another lei company, got a confirmation but they contacted me the last minute saying they couldn’t fill the order, making it extremely difficult to get leis ordered and delivered on a weekend. I contacted LeiOrders.com and due to the time of the placement of the order, you were honest that you might not be able to meet the flight shipping time. After checking to see that you could meet the delivery time, you called me back and I placed the order. I want to extend to you the sincerest Mahalo Nui Loa. The leis were beautiful, fresh, and wonderfully fragrant. At the funeral, her leis were around her photo, taken in Hawaii, and brought back some lovely memories. You will be my ‘one and only’ lei company.

Thank you again,


Mahalo Nui loa,

Thank you so much the leis were awesome, those were my mother in laws favorite flower (the leis were for her memorial service). She was born and raised Oahu and moved to California in her early twenty’s, she always loved the way that the pikai smelled.

They were so beautiful her sister ended up asking me if she could take them home because they smelled and looked so good.

I thank you for all of your help and I have book marked your company and I will be telling everyone I know 🙂

Again Thank you,

Dinnea Bates

Aloha Kaleo,

I was going to leave feedback on your website, but the other reviews I read were so eloquent that I felt inadequate to write something.

I do want you to know that the flowers were gorgeous. I was worried about getting the plumeria and ginger since I know they are not long lived, but they came out perfectly. My husband and I wore the maile leis and the ginger leis at our wedding. We gave the other leis out to family and friends. Everyone said it reminded them so much of the islands. The maile are still hanging up and drying and we can still smell their beautiful fragrance.

We have been going to the Islands for over 30 years. When we did stay on Oahu, the last thing we did before leaving for home was drive to the lei stands in Chinatown to take a little of Hawaii home with us. Your leis reminded us of our many happy trips.

We did have a couple of last minute guests and fortunately, there is a flower store not far from us. We stopped in and they had just received a shipment of leis so we bought an additional plumeria and a tuberose lei. Together, they were over $70 and the only difference was that they had ribbons on them. Yours were by far much fresher and unique.

We will happily recommend you to anyone wanting to order leis. Who knows, when I am feeling flush, I may just order some more. Wish the shipping wasn’t so much, but that is out of your control.

Thank you again for the beautiful flowers and also for your outstanding customer service. You were very professional and helpful through the whole ordering process. You helped make our wedding a special event that we won’t soon forget.

Steve Austin

The wedding was awesome…The flowers arrived at 7:45pm on Wednesday during a freeze…Everything was in great condition. We were just blown away. Thank you for being a part of our daughter’s wedding. You helped us make the wedding of her dreams come true. Thank you so very much. We will definitely use your services in the future. Mahalo and Aloha Jeannie

Jeannie Frankovis

Colorado Springs, CO


The lei worked perfectly as a birthday gift for my wife during the frigid weather of northern Minnesota. She was quite surprised and our kids had a great time taking turns wearing it and smelling the flowers. The fragrance from the flowers filled our house for days.

I did pass along your name and your wonderful service (thank you again for helping me with the timing of the delivery) but I had to wait until her birthday came. Didn’t want anybody to steal my idea. I actually heard about your company last June from an interview you had on Net@Night and had set up a reminder in my calendar to contact you as her birthday got closer. You’ve helped me keep my personality trait as a romantic alive in the eyes of my wife and our friends.

Once again, thank you.




I just want to send out a HUGE Mahalo to Leiorders.com! Being here on the mainland, it’s hard to get good quality leis at a good price. Let alone at last minute! I must have called half a dozen places in Hawaii looking for someone who can get them to me the next day. Every single place said that there was no way in the world they can get the order to me. In fact, many of the places said that I needed to place the order 2 weeks before!!! I needed the leis for our halau’s performance. I called Friday morning to place a rather large order… I believe it was for over 30 leis! And when I woke up on Saturday morning, the leis were already on my door step. When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see just how beautiful the leis were. They were fresh, no wilting at all!!!! The leis were even packaged nicely! All of the recipients of the leis LOVED them!!! The double white and green orchid lei was absolutely gorgeous! Our boys loved the ti leaf leis! And the double ti leaf and orchid leis received so many compliments! One of our girls brought in her lei on Wednesday and it was as fresh and beautiful as it was on Saturday. So, once again, A great big MAHALO for your great service and professionalism with my order! Next time I order leis, it will definitely be from LEIORDERS.COM!!!!!!!!

Desiree J. Manegdeg

The leis arrived right on time and they were BEAUTIFUL! We each took one and gave them to our daughter right after her graduation last night and she LOVED them…. She was so surprised and happy that it made her cry! 🙂
Thank you for the great service and I’ll definitely use you again and recommend you to our family and friends in the future as well.

Angela Fogarty


I have to say a big Mahalo for the leis and haku I ordered! I am beyond happy and satisfied with the delivery and tracking for the order!! It came RIGHT ON TIME!! Thank you!! I had countless compliments on my leis, they were absolutely gorgeous and matched my costume perfectly!!! My haku kind of, fell apart so, I had to make adjustments to make it work. Luckily, we were able to have a ‘make it work’ moment. I used my leis for a the Merced Tahiti Fete and happy to say I placed 2nd in my category!! yay!
Thank you again!!!


Aloha Kaleo,
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but just got back from Hong Kong.
Hope your xmas was good.
Wanted to let you know the leis came in fresh and pristine flowers. The flowers were big. No bumps or bruises. The kids all loved it and were very surprised of the special treat. I would definitely use your service again in the future and will pass your business on to my friends.
Kung Hee Fat Choy,

Leilani Luke

Arvada CO.



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