How much does shipping and delivery cost?

Shipping is determined by weight and will be calculated upon checkout before you pay.

When can I place my order?

You may place your order as early as you’d like but no later than 3 days before the ship out date.  As you are checking out, you will be able to choose a date of arrival for your lei.  We will ship your lei accordingly in order for it to arrive in a timely manner and as fresh as possible.

Can I order last minute?

Yes, we accept last minute orders.  If you need your order to be shipped out today, please look at the clock! We need your order placed by 10am (Hawaii Time) to make sure we make and pack your lei in time for shipping.

Are discounts available on big orders?

Yes.  We offer bulk discounts of orders of 50 or more leis.

Are there specific gender (male or female) leis?

Yes, however, most leis are not labeled “male or female” and look attractive on both genders.  If you have any questions or need suggestions, please email or call us and we would love to assist you.

Will you get my order delivered in time for my event?

Please state the exact day you would like your shipment to arrive.  We ship out all orders to arrive the day before your event.  So, for example, if your event is scheduled for Saturday, we will make sure your shipment arrives on Friday.  Request Friday as your shipment arrival date (upon check-out.)

Are Saturday shipments available?

Yes.  However, shipments delivered via FedEx for Saturday delivery are very expensive.  Typically, we charge an addition $25 more than the standard shipping cost 

What day(s) of the week can I choose for my arrival date?

It depends on what state you live in.  When choosing an arrival date for FedEx shipping, please note that the West Coast (CA, WA, OR, NV, UT, ID, Some AK, Some AZ) can accept shipments Monday thru Saturday.

For all other states, it takes two days to travel from Hawaii, so the arrival date you choose can be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Do you ship fragrant leis to the Mainland?

Yes, we are very popular for our fragrant leis!  When choosing fragrant leis, remember to read all the notes before ordering.  A lot of flowers are seasonal and may not be in its prime during the time you’d like to use it.  Also, we highly recommend not shipping certain fragrant flowers during the hottest time of the summer.  Although we pack in insulated iced boxes, we cannot control what FedEx does with your box after it leaves our shop.  Call or email us for recommendations if you need fragrant leis in the middle of the summer!

What is the ‘packing and handling’ fee?

There is a one-time $10 surcharge for packing and handling, per shipment (not per lei). This is in addition to your FedEx shipping cost. Included in this fee is the unique packing material and agricultural inspection stamps.

How do I track my order shipment?

The day of your shipment, we will contact you via email with your order number and FedEx tracking number. Log onto www.fedex.com and go to “Track Shipments.” Enter your FedEx tracking number. Or, you may call 1-800-GoFedEx (463-3339).

What if the lei(s) I ordered are not in stock?

We will have to substitute the lei with one as similar as possible and notify you of that substitution. It is very important that you leave a phone number that you can be reached at during the day just in case we need to contact you. Your order will not be shipped without your approval.

When I place my order will my order get shipped immediately?

During the checkout process, you will choose an arrival date for your leis and we will ship accordingly. We recommend that you request to receive your leis at least one day prior to your event.

Do I need to be home to receive the delivery?

No, you don’t need to be home to receive your lei order. You may want to leave a note to your Fedex driver to let them know where you would want them to place your package.



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