Most high schools that we have worked with pre order the single purple orchid leis from us.  If you would like to try this as a fundraiser here are the steps:

1) Decide which leis you would like to offer to your senior class (most popular leis are shown below). I have provided the pictures and price for these leis. These prices INCLUDE SHIPPING provided that you order a minimum of 50 leis TOTAL. If you would like to order fewer than 50 leis, please contact us for that price adjustment.

Single Purple Orchid


Single Ti


Single Tuberose/Orchid


2) We will provide a timeline based on your graduation date to aid with your planning and payment collection. We will provide you with a pre order form that you will make copies of and hand out to all of the graduating seniors (these can go out in senior grad packets)

3) You will then collect all of the pre order forms and payment from those who ordered leis (most schools price their leis as follows: single purple orchid or single ti leaf leis sell between $20-$25, single tuberose/orchid leis (fragrant) will sell for $25-$30 Based on these price points, most schools make an average profit of $10-12 per lei sold.

4) You will pay our company,, via credit card 2 weeks before your graduation date. You may also write us a check from your School’s account.

5) You will receive the leis the day before graduation and hand them out to the seniors on the day of graduation.

For further information, please email us at and please provide us with the name of your school, contact person, contact number, and date of graduation. If you have any questions or you are interested in pursuing this fundraiser, please contact us.

Kaleo DeLeon



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