Double Tuberose Purple Orchid Lei

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The Double stranded Lei is a familiar lei design that is sure to compliment the wearer at any occasion. Each is hand-strung in the time honored Kui way and specially packaged for shipment so that it arrives fresh and beautiful. This is the double stranded lei which contains approximately 150 individual blooms. This double lei is unique in that it incorporates the fragrant tuberose intertwined with the purple orchid to give it a beautiful colored pattern.

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1 review for Double Tuberose Purple Orchid Lei

  1. Neal R

    I’ve ordered this lei, or the double tuberose with green accents, dozens of times for my wife. I’m in the Eastern time zone, so there have been a few adventures in terms of shipping or delivery. But the lei always looks great on arrival, remains wearable for two to three days, and smells wonderful for longer than that. I should also note than when there has been a mishap, has taken responsibility and made sure I was a satisfied customer, even though the fault has lain with the shipping company or Mother Nature.

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